Prois Women's Camouflage Hunting Apparel

We carry a full selection of Prois women's camo to fit all of your hunting needs. Prois hunting apparel is designed to fit the shape of a women's body, not just a smaller men's size. Whether you are hunting spring Turkeys, chasing elk in the fall, or in the deep winter season, you will find what you are looking for.

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Pro-Edition Pants by Prois Pro-Edition Pull-over Jacket by Prois
Pro-Edition Pants by ProisPro-Edition Pull-over by Prois

Durable All-Season Pants! These bad girls are quite simply Prois' best fitting pants. 

Compressed fabric and loaded with comfort and functionality features!





Ultra Hoodie Shirt by Prois Ultra Long Sleeve Shirt by Prois
Ultra Hoodie Shirt by ProisUltra Long Sleeve Shirt by Prois

Wicking Polyester/Athletic Cut! the name has a hood! A nice one too!

Wicking Polyester! Awesome Warm weather shirt, form fitting with an athletic cut.